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Frequently Asked Questions

What style of Tae Kwon Do do you teach, and what certification are your instructors? Our head Instructors, Jim Saxton and Karen Saxton are certified 3th Dan in the our style of Tae Kwon Do. We expect that in the future Mr Saxton will be able to confer WTF certification to our students, which would, if they were interested, allow them to compete in the Olympics, become a WTF referee and join the wtf, although the focus of our training at Coquille Martial Arts is geared more toward traditional martial arts: self defense, self growth and discovery, and working within the broader martial arts community. Dane Saxton is 3rd Dan. Instructor Nikki Keller is a 2nd degree black belt in our system. All of our instructors and assistants are adults over the age of 18.

Won't martial arts make my child more aggressive?Martial arts not only gives children a positive outlet for their aggression and energy, but makes them more confident in themselves, which in turn reduces bullying and acting out behaviors using physical violence. Children also learn many ways to protect themselves from bullying, most of which do not require the need to harm their attacker. In short, martial arts makes children less violent.

What is meant by dan or degree when you refer to black belts, and how long does it take to become a black belt?It takes anywhere from 3-5 years to become a TKD black belt, more for certain arts, such as aikido and judo. Once you achieve black belt(1st dan or degree), you are not done with your martial arts studies. Each level of black belt is indicated by dan or degree, and takes increasing time to acheive. Studies for dan rankings include the learning of new forms, as well as more esoteric learning, such as how to better teach(and learn), a better understanding of discipline, and the interlinkings between the various different martial arts and their philosophies. First dan(degree) could be likened to a certificate program, whereas 3-4 is equivalant to a master's degree and 5th and beyond is akin to a doctorate.

How much do classes cost? While this depends on the class, our most expensive class is Tae Kwon Do based on the number of hours offered per week. 60.00 a month for the first adult which works out to under 5.00 per one hour session. Unlike many other schools, our prices do not increase as you achieve mastery, but only as you opt to take extra classes in addition to the regular curriculum. Our other classes range from 20.00 to 40.00 per month, and can be taken with TKD with a big discount for the second class. We also offer discounts for multiple family members in the same household and recently lowered these rates to make our classes even more affordable. Please call for exact details and save.

I can't afford for my child to take classes, is there a way to get reduced rates?

We are working through A Hopeful Tomorrow and Operation Coquille to set up scholarship funds for needy children in our area. In the past we have been very successful with similar organizations, but as we have just set up with A Hopeful Tomorrow, we are still in the process of generating funds. In the meantime, we are taking applications for students who we will give reduced rates to until the scholarship monies become available for them. Please contact us, if you believe you might qualify. We have in the past worked with military family scholarships, by stretching those monies to cover a larger scope and extra children. If you know of a company or individual who would like to help us with our fundraising, please contact Coquille Martial Arts and we will give you the information on how you can get started. This is a 501-c corporation and all donations are tare deductible and all monies stay in Coos County to help our children here at home. Finally, we have found that many times grandaprents are delighted to provide their grandchildren with a program this full and productive. Do not hestitate to ask family members.

I have a rotating work schedule. Can I still get enough classes to progress in Martial Arts? Our Coquille location offers day and evening classes for adults, as well as our family classes, where approved adults are welcome to train with the kids. We hold kids or family classes every day of the week in order to allow families to work around their personal schedules. In addition, it is possible to attend both Coquille and Bandon classes if necessary to make your schedule work for you.

Does your school do tournaments?

Yes, we attend between 6 and 8 per year(divided into the two main seasons, fall and spring) and host one major tournament of our own in the fall. It is our philosophy that tournament experience allows students to get feedback from other black belt instructors and become exposed to other styles beyond our own. While we do some tournament practice each season, we expect tournament bound students to practice on their own, or to come in and use the floor before or after their regular classes.

I'm shy and want to take classes by myself. We have found through experience, that students do best when they study with others. All of our classes are very personalized however, and we work hard to maintain a low student to instructor ratio. Private lessons are only for students enrolled in our programs. If you are still really shy about working with a group, try our noon classes, which often have only one or two students at a time or, alternately, plan to start your classes in the summer, when attendance is naturally lower due to vacation schedules of your fellow students.

Do you have references This is what our competition(5th Dan Shorin Ryu instructor) says about us on their web page(scroll down). And this is what a school in Eugene, Oregon has to say about us.
In the December 10 edition of the Coquille Valley Sentinel, the following letter to the editor was published:

I want to try a class before I sign up. Of course you do! We highly recommend that you come join us and see what we are all about before you sign up.

What should I wear for my first class? Loose comfortable clothing(sweats and a T-shirt is ideal) and please, no perfume or scented products in the dojo!

Do you have classes for young children? Yes, we have a class for 4 year olds, although we do start them in that class as young as 3 if they are potty trained and follow directions well.

Do you accept Credit/debit cards? Not at this time, but we are working on having that capability soon, via our website. We do accept checks and offer a discount for 6-12 months paid in advance.

I still have more questions about your program

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